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A No Nonsense EBook Guide to Art Business Fortunes

Discover Cutting-Edge Business and Marketing Tips that Will Make You an Unstoppable Force in the Art Industry

Dear Fellow Artist:

As an artist you are part of a massive creative industry, filled with hundreds of thousands of artists that are all competing for a piece of the pie – that pie being the success that will allow them to spend all their time doing what they love, which is creating beautiful and meaningful works of art.

Are You Ready for Your Share of the Art Industry Pie?

The business side of art can often seem boring or, on the other hand, daunting, but a creative-minded person with business and marketing knowledge can be a powerful force in the art business, especially with the many tools available to artists online.

We will teach you everything you need to know to take advantage of the many business and marketing opportunities online. Our step-by-step guide, Fuel for Art, is packed with great strategies that can put you on the fast track to financial and creative freedom.

So When Will Your Art Business Take Off?

We all need to pay our bills, but wouldn’t it be amazing to pay those bills by creating and selling art? As soon as you get the fuel you need, you will soar ahead of the competition. If you are ready to make waves in the art industry – or even a TSUNAMI – then let’s get started!

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Who Should Buy this Book?

  • Artists who want to sell or ramp up the sales of their work
  • Graphic designers who want to sell or ramp up the sales of their work
  • Career changers who want to get serious about their art career
  • Any artist who wants to become business-savvy
  • Anyone poised to share their creative talents with the world…and make a profit!

This Art Business Guide Will Give You:

  • A thorough understanding of how to create goals for your art career – and solid plans for reaching them
  • The keys to conquer the business side of the art business
  • Increased understanding of the enormous reach of the Internet
  • Strategies to build your brand and promote yourself and your work
  • Many ways to network with other artists online and offline
  • The keys to creating a great website as your key marketing tool
  • Myriad ways to market your work online
  • A list of the best places to sell your artwork online
  • Tips for making the most money possible selling your art
  • Strategies for continuing to expand your business
  • And So Much More!

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What Other Artists Are Saying…

Dear Gino

I’ve always struggled to sell my artwork. Fuel for Art really gave me the resources I needed to sell my paintings quickly and easily.

Peter L

For the past few years I have been planning to make the move to being a full time artist and Fuel for Art gave me the information and confidence I needed to finally start doing what I love full time from my studio

Thanks Again,
Amy M


I am a digital artist and have been wanting to earn extra income online selling prints of my work. Fuel for Art helped me triple my monthly income!

Many Thanks,
John D

P.S. I’m including over $45 worth of FREE BONUSES!

Bonus 1: 5 Social Networking Sites Every Artist Should Be On!

This is a guide to harnessing the power of social networking to generate sales. It includes:

  • A list of the top 5 sites you can use to increase your artist profile
  • Insider tips on how to use each site to generate the most traffic and exposure possible
  • How to leverage these sites to increase your monthly income

Bonus 2: 25 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Art Business Fast!

This is a collection of the best marketing tactics used to generate traffic to websites quickly and easily.

  • Many years of experience in online marketing are packed into this list of traffic generating tips!
  • No secrets are held back!
  • This collection of strategies is guaranteed to get you valuable short and long term traffic.

Ready to Start Selling Your Art Online?

I guarantee this EBook will provide you with the information you need to put your art business on the path to great success and I truly look forward to helping you get there!

Gino Orlandi


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